Casual–Corporate–Casual Style

Casual, Corporate / Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

I went shopping this weekend (what else is new) and was having the usual conflict of whether I should buy corporate clothes or casual clothes. There have been so many times that I’ve gone shopping with friends that they also made the same decision to make it a “work clothes trip” or a “going out clothes trip”. As I sifted through the clothing racks, I wondered if it really has to be one or the other? There are so many items that I was seeing that I could wear both at work and to go out. Wouldn’t it make more sense financially to buy dual pieces?

You can make almost any piece of clothing look good by the way you style it. If you have a flowy skirt and wear it with a button down and a classy necklace, you’re ready for work. If you wear that same skirt and pair it with a crop top and a cute pair of sneakers, you’re ready to go meet your friends.

Next time you are going shopping, try not to separate your shopping between corporate and casual, but instead focus on what can work for both based on how you style it!




Outfit Details

Hats: DSW
Shoes: Converse
Yellow Crop: Forever 21
Button Down: Express
Blue Skirt: Forever 21
Purple Sunglasses- AOOFFIV
Striped Purse: DSW
Brown Purse: Forever 21
Brown Heels: Michael Kors
Ripped Shorts: Boutique
Plaid Skirt: Thrift Store
Green Beaded Necklace: Charming Charlies

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