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2018 Corporate Style / Monday, May 21st, 2018


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Start packing for Toronto and complete next chapter of A New Earth

Hellooo there, and welcome back!

I got to dance around in the rain with Plato in a pretty, flowy skirt and had the time of my life. I started this shoot feeling run down from work and random stresses of life, but ended it in the best mood I’ve been in for a while. You ever have days like that?

I found this beautiful skirt online at Old Navy and when it arrived, I was unsure about it because it isn’t my usual style. I normally go for bottoms that are form fitting, knee length max, and a neutral color. I am so glad that I ventured outside of my comfort zone because this is now my new favorite! 

When wearing a skirt like this, your top will define the look you’re going for. If I had paired it with something more casual, like a white t shirt or maybe a light blue peasant top, it wouldn’t have been work appropriate. I went right to the Mossimo button up for to enforce the professional style that I’m going for.

That wasn’t enough of course. My outfit seemed incomplete with just those two. I opened my closet and stared at the belts I have….regular black belt, not it….thin white belt, definitely wont work…. blues and browns work very well together though, and I had this thin, braided belt from American Eagle that I thought just might work, and it did! I fastened the belt, and instead of letting the end hang down, I tied it in a knot which I felt like gave it that country look.

The rest of the outfit fell into place after that. I threw on my nude Old Navy flats, grabbed my brown crossbody bag from Banana Republic, and my FitBit with the new brown wristband, and I was ready to go.

 If ever you are having a bad day, feeling unmotivated, tired or down on yourself, take a quiet minute to yourself and think of why you are doing what you’re doing….write down your thoughts, your short and long term goals, what you love and hate doing… Do you love what you’re doing every day? Is it a temporary gig to get you where you really want to be? Are you feeling down because you aren’t giving 100% to it?

I tend to feel unmotivated alllllll the time. Almost every morning when my alarm clock goes off at 6:30AM, I tell myself to call out of work, just sleep all day. As the next alarm goes off though, I try to remember why I go to work….. I enjoy what I do. I have people (and a dog) who rely on me to take care of them. I have goals and ambitions I want to reach, and I can’t reach them from my bed. It’s still hard to get up and go, but at least I have my sights set on the why. Plus, you never know when you’ll wake up one day and something tremendous will happen…or you’ll just have a great time dancing with your dog.

Similar Top: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Similar Crossbody Bag- DSW
Shoes: Old Navy
Similar Belt: Gap
Fitbit Band- Amazon (make sure to get it for the right Fitbit version you have)


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