Fashionable Fun in Toronto & Meeting Kalyn Nicholson!

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Hellllooo There and Welcome Back!

I was lucky to be able to take a road trip to Toronto last weekend and I want to share the amazing time that I had with you. I started in Edison, NJ and drove 9 hours to Toronto, stopping in Niagara Falls, of course because, who wouldn’t?! While the drive was exhausting, the thought that I can drive less than half a day and be in another country is so cool. I brought Plato with me and made sure to stay in pup friendly hotels. Him and I had a blast!

Outfit Details: Dress: H&M|Sweater: Aerie|Shoes: DSW

Lately, the universe has been steering me towards big cities. I love the hustle and bustle of every day life in cities, plus there are SO many different stores and restaurants that it could take years to hit them all up! People seem even more fashionable and creative in big cities as well, and I love any type of creative expression. Toronto was filled with it.

Luckily, the weather was gorgeous for the weekend. I rented a city bike to get around quicker, and one of the places I stopped is called Graffiti Alley. Its a few streets that are completely covered in beautiful graffiti art. When I got there, there were tons of other tourists already snapping pictures and posing in front of the artwork behind them. 

Outfit Details: Hat: Old Navy (not online)|Top: H&M|Shorts: Forever 21|Shoes: Old Navy|Book-bag: Victoria’s Secret

One thing that I made it my goal to do is visit a bunch of different restaurants and coffee shops, especially vegan ones. The first one I went to was called Hale Coffee, which is a bit of a drive outside of downtown Toronto, but is in a beautiful location with a lot of greenery. I ordered a coffee and oatmeal that had the Canadian maple syrup in it, and it was SO delicious. The ambiance inside was open and clean, and the man who I ordered my food with helped me learn about all the fun places to go while I was there.

I also went to a restaurant called the Hogtown Vegan where I ordered the most delicious meal consisting of corn pancakes, guacamole, black beans, toast, potatoes, and a tomato slaw. I was in heaven.

Even when I didn’t go to a strictly Vegan restaurant, there was usually a vegan option, like what I ordered at E11even. They had sweet potato taquitos with a corn slaw and delicious sauce on top. I could eat it every day!

Outfit Details: Top: Forever 21|Jeans: Forever 21|Shoes: Old Navy|Bag: Banana Republic

The main inspiration of my trip was to see a YouTuber, Kayln Nicholson, who I have been following for the past year and a half. She is someone who’s videos and podcasts keep me positive and motivated, and also helps me tap into my creativity. She is a reader like I am and has the best suggestions of books to read to better your life. She also has a little dog named Bentley that is the same size and breed as Plato!

Kalyn had a meet up in Toronto which I bought tickets for immediately and decided I would figure out how to get there somehow. It was so exciting to finally meet her and Bentley in person. She had us go to Manic Coffee first, a cute little coffee shop, to pick up a free late, and then we met up at a place called Nirvana that had a beautiful space upstairs. We all brought our yoga mats to do stretches with Kalyn and ask her questions in the process, but there were so many of us that we weren’t able to fit well with the yoga mats. So that part was a little shorter, and then we went to go snack on all vegan finger foods and take pictures with her. I got to meet so many of her other fans, some from PA, some from Toronto. It was such a great experience and I am SO glad I had that opportunity.

Outfit Details: Top: Victoria’s Secret|Bottoms: Victoria’s Secret|Shoes: Nike|Hat: Aerie

Overall, I have officially added Toronto as one of the places I would absolutely live! Sadly, I think I would have to have some kind of work visa to actually live there permanently. BUT if you are thinking of visiting, DO IT! There is so much to do, so much to see, and if the weather is nice your options are endless. They have city scenes, a beach, fun restaurants and bars, clubs, gyms, yoga studios, beautiful parks- all in one place.

I hope you enjoyed experiencing Toronto with me! If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for alerts every time I post so you never miss it! Just go to the home page and type in your email on the right 🙂

Back to work tomorrow!



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