How to Style Blazers in Summer

Summer Blazer / Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Wait- Did You Say Blazers In Summer…

…YES! When I think summer time work wear, my mind doesn’t immediately go to blazers. I think sun dresses, open toed heels, pastels and yellows, but not a “jacket”- thats for winter, right? Wrong! Blazers can be great year round, even in the scorching weather (that NJ has yet to see….). I’m not talking about those super corporate, thick, dull, gray blazers though, and I think thats where the confusion sets in. There are plenty of options in stores and online for light weight, chic, and summery blazers that women are not taking advantage of, which stinks because they are such a good way to glam up your work look.

Give Me An Example…

Sure! This is a blazer I recently bought from TJ Maxx that caught my eye. It has so many different colors on it that it can match with almost any shirt! I wore a light pink button down underneath to keep up the summer colors, but you can choose white, black, blue, burnt orange, green…. whatever your heart desires.

Okay, But What Bottoms Do I Wear With a Blazer In The Summer?

I wore a black skirt, but it doesn’t have to be that. I can tell you what not to wear first- don’t wear loose fitting bottoms. Blazers tend to be big, long, boxy, form fitting, but not enough to pair with baggy bottoms. Keep it slim- ankle pants, a skirt above knee length, skinny jeans (if permitted at your work), high waisted.





Okay, I’m Convinced. Show Me Where To Buy One…

Gladly 🙂 Heres an almost similar one to what I’m wearing- TJ Maxx




Forever 21



Happy Shopping!


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