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2018 Corporate Style, Skirts, Winter Wear, Work Wear / Monday, February 5th, 2018

One of the wonderful things about the winter time (and no, the list isn’t long for me) is being able to layer. Many women I know hate layers because they can be bunchy, unflattering, or they just don’t know what goes with what. I love layers though because they take a simple outfit to the next level! I could have a boring neutral pair of pants on and a white plain top, and I would like fine, but not really stand out. However, when I add a long, red duster onto that white top, I now have an outfit that stands out and is more unique than the former.

Layers can also change the tone of an outfit. If I have a long yellow skirt on and a navy blue floral top, I would be dressed to go somewhere on the fancier side rather than somewhere casual. However, if I am actually going somewhere casual, like the movies for example, and don’t want all my friends that I am meeting up with to keep asking why I am so dressed up, I will throw on another layer – maybe a white and gray flannel button down or a black biker jacket. That way I look right for the setting but till fashionable.

And lets not forget the obvious- layers keep you warm in the winter time and can be removed if it gets too hot wherever you are! So hop on the layer train with me and check out the outfits of my week ūüôā

Pastel pink is in and I am so excited about it because it is one of my favorite colors! You have to be careful how you wear it, though, because too light of an outfit and make a person look washed out. Instead of just wearing my black H&M ankle pants and with a black and white stripped button up- decent outfit- I threw on a pastel pink blazer from Forever 21 and paired it with a different shade of pastel pink bag. The accented scarf on the bag brings the outfit together with the black flats from Target and the lower layer of the outfit. I didn’t wear this one with a necklace because i felt like it would be hidden with the high collar of the top or would be too much with the stripes. However, a subtle delicate necklace could work.

Similar Blazers- Forever 21 Nordstrom Forever 21 Lane Bryant
Similar Button Up- Express Lulus H&M
Exact Pants- H&M
Exact Purse- Macys/DKNY Similar- Charming Charlies NY&CO H&M

The first thing I want to point out with this outfit is my tights. As you can see in the closer picture, it has hearts on it! Not only is this appropriate with valentines day around the corner, this layer jazzes up my overall look. Additionally, when traveling outside of the office, I wore my black Guess jacket, which is hiding the blazer I have underneath. If your blazer is hanging lower than your jacket, I feel like it looks a little messy. I would recommend wearing it with a jacket that covers the lower layer, and in a way substitutes for the blazer until you can take the coat off. 

Similar Jacket- Liverpool Jeans Macys Target Lulus
Similar Dress- Lulus Nordstrom Forever 21
Similar Blazers- White House Black Market Old Navy Express Banana Republic
Similar Tights- Asos Modcloth Express
Exact Shoes- DSW Similar- DSW Call It Spring Target

Why yes, I do always walk out of my house this cheery and subdued in the morning. Not really though ūüôā Change this to me carrying my lunch, a laptop bag, my purse and having a frantic look in my eyes and its spot on. I am very into yellow and blue lately. It is such a Fall/Winter color combination, but is so cheery at the same time. I feel vibrant and noticeable in yellow. Because my INC sweater is longer (two inches below my lower butt is my rule), I paired it with leggings with a mesh detail at the bottom, and black ankle booties. My navy overcoat is from Forever21, and goes all the way down to my ankles, which keeps my whole body so much warmer. I paired it with a simple gold colored necklace and matching gold colored bracelets.¬†

Exact Sweater- Macys/INC
Similar Leggings-Express Neiman Marcus Target
Similar Necklace- Francescas Charming Charlie
Similar Boots-Express White House Black Market DSW Nordstrom

I had to take this one inside because it was raining out on Sunday so its not as bright as I would like, but I love this outfit because of the bright colors. I paired a red polka dotted body suit with a white accordion pleated skirt and an off white duster. Because this skirt is long, its best to pair it with heels because flats will make your body look shorter with the long skirt. You’ll notice a lot of these items are from Forever 21, one of my favorite stores due to the endless clothing options and affordability.

Exact Top- Forever 21 Similar Top- Forever 21
Exact Skirt- Forever 21 Similar- Lulus
Similar Duster- Gap Boohoo Neiman Marcus
Exact Purse- Forever 21
Similar Necklaces- Forever 21 Francescas Target
Similar Shoes- DSW DSW Zappos 

I felt so elegant in this outfit. This skirt is from Nordstrom Rack bought two years ago, paired with a black button up from Express. Its simple, but the polka dotted skirt is loud, so it jazzes up the other neutral colors. I paired it with the same pastel pink DKNY bag because the black scarf on it matches fits well with the rest. The lace up Tahari heels gives me height to counteract the long skirt, and adds an additional elegance.

Similar Button Up-¬†H&M¬†Kohl’s¬†JC Penny¬†Target
Similar Skirt- Forever 21 Asos Modcloth
Exact Shoes- DSW Similar- DSW Call It Spring Target
Exact Purse- Macys/DKNY Similar- Charming Charlies NY&CO H&M

There are so many celebrities wearing baggy pants and elegant heels/boots right now. I didn’t think the look was for me, but this outfit made me change my mind. Without the heels, I felt like I was ready for a night in. But it was Saturday and I didn’t want to sit at home all day doing nothing, so I put the Sam Edelman heels on and glammed up my otherwise tom-boyish look. I wouldn’t recommend this outfit if going anywhere fancy, but if you are going out to a casual bar, a casual restaurant, or just hanging out at a friends house, its definitely a go to!

Similar Cardigan- Gap H&M Venus Asos Abercrombie
Similar Shirt- Victorias Secret/Pink Victorias Secret Forever 21
Similar Jeans- Forever 21 Urban Outfitters Zumiez Gap Charlotte Russe
Similar Boots-DSW Payless DSW Lulus

I am not a huge football fan but I do love watching the commercials, eating junk food, and hanging out with friends. My layers from top to bottom are my black Guess jacket because it was WICKED cold, a Harvard sweater from H&M, and a tied crop from Forever 21 saying “Feeling Fine” because I am! I paired all of those toasty layers with my high waisted J Brand jeans and a brown crossbody bag. Note- Skinny Sunnies are in! Find similar below.

Similar Coat- Macys Macys Express
Exact Sweater-H&M
Exact Top- Exact Top
Exact Jeans- J Brand Similar- Forever21
Exact Shoes- Old Navy
Similar Sunglasses- American Eagle Express Urban Outfitters

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