Whitening Coffee Stained Teeth!! (AND A GIVEAWAY!)

Giveaway / Thursday, July 19th, 2018

I joke a lot about how much coffee I drink, but in all seriousness, I drink so much coffee in a day that I wonder if my body is partly composed of caffeine. As most people know, one of the downsides of drinking coffee is that it makes your teeth yellow. I could never give up coffee though, so the teeth stains are something that I just have to combat on my own.

A few years ago I spent $500 at my dentist to get my teeth bleached. After sitting in the chair at the dentist for over an hour with my mouth wide open and a blacklight blinding me, my teeth hurt so bad. Inhaling even made my teeth ache

Not wanting to ever put myself through that again,  looked into other options for teeth whitening such as the crest white strips. These do work fine but don’t reach all of your teeth, so the front teeth might be really white but the back ones don’t match. There’s also whitening toothpaste which I never really noticed a drastic change from…

My point is, these techniques are fine, but not great.

HOWEVER, I recently discovered Smile Brilliant. The best part about it is that it is professional level whitening that you can do from home and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Also, the whitening reaches all of your teeth so you don’t have to worry about two different colored teeth. The whole experience of whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant was great from start to finish. Here are some pictures of what it’s like and how it worked for me:

The whitening arrives in this cute box filled with the different materials for each step. As you can see, there is the mold putties, whitening gel, desensitizing gel,  trays for the molds, and a return envelope for the trays.

It seems complicated but it’s actually really easy (and kind of fun). Here are the steps to create your mold:

1. Take the blue and the white putty out of its containers

2. Mix them together until you can no longer see white.

3. Squish the putty into the mold tray

4. Bite down and hold it there for 1 minute

5. Take the mold out and let it sit for a little until it dries up before putting it into the envelope.

6. Repeat for the other row of teeth.

Once I mailed it off, I received the custom-fitted trays back within a week that fit perfectly to my teeth. From there, all I had to do nightly was put 1/4th (in total for both top and bottom trays) of the orange whitening gel syringe into the trays and sit with it on my teeth for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and up to 3 hours. Once that time passed, I took them out and spit the remaining of the gel out. DON’T RINSE! The whitening gel remains on your teeth and continues to whiten after they are taken out.

Next, I do the same thing over again, but with the desensitizing gel to keep my teeth from becoming sensitive from the whitening. This gel you only have to leave in for 15 minutes.

Now for the best part – I am giving away a FREE T3 Sensitive Teeth Whitening Kit from Smile Brilliant worth $149. All you have to do is go to www.smilebrilliant.com/g/nadiascareercloset and enter your email to be in the running to win! Its seriously that easy!

Note- Giveaway only open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents

Happy whitening ♥ N



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